Protein shakes versus milk shakes

Protein shakes versus milk shakes

Mmmm, classic milkshakes – who doesn't like them? Let's face it, they do taste awesome, refreshing, and satisfying – but is the physique sabotage worth it when you opt for a regular milkshake? Occasionally, maybe – but if you're into your physique and fitness, then you'll want lean, high protein nutrition that's going to build muscle and help you get and stay ripped. Here's our quick guide to protein shakes versus milk shakes – and how to get the satisfaction without compromising on muscle nourishment......


So you've grabbed a bog-standard milkshake after a workout? Here's what your muscles typically get..... 1. Low protein level and concentrations of BCAA's and glutamine 2. Excess low-quality calories, fat and added sugar 3. Lack of ultra-pure cold-processed proteins In contrast, quality protein shakes such as ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN provide very high levels of protein, with low levels of carbs, fat and calories; 1 serving gives you just 175kcals, 6.6g carbs and 2g fat – but a full 33g of ultra-pure cold-processed protein to support muscles optimally. It also contains 5.5g BCAA's and 9.8g glutamine – including glutamine peptides for absorption. You could find a low fat milkshake with a low calorie content – but you'd struggle to get over 10g of protein and its amino acid levels would be very inferior compared to a protein shake. ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN – Great for making a thin and light shake GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN – Makes a satisfying thicker shake It's also worth noting that quality protein shakes taste good! However, for more of a milkshake style smoothie, it's very easy to pimp your shakes with physique-friendly foods (and even add some regular milk, 'if fits your macros')..... 1 scoop chocolate protein powder with 1 tbs natural peanut butter, ice 1 scoop vanilla/banana protein power, 1 banana, ice 1 scoop strawberry protein power, 1 cup strawberries, ice


If you crave a real milkshake then the simple solution is to drink a PRO2GO® THICK SHAKE – it's a genuine game changer in chocolate or strawberry flavours. Each ultra-thick 310ml bottle contains 22g milk protein (whey and casein) but just 180kcals, 22g carbs (great post-workout) and 0.7g fat. The increased protein content wipes the floor with a regular milkshake and provides a richer concentration of naturally occurring nutrients such as branched chain amino acids and glutamine, for effective muscle repair and growth.

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