To all our PTs, get 50% OFF NOW!

You wake up at 5am, you commit long days to the gym, you council your clients, listen to them, help them. You rearrange sessions, work late, skip lunch, prep clients, give top notch nutritional advice, plan classes & go in hard EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. It’s always high energy, you’re always motivated and there’s never a day off.

We get it, we get you, and we got you now!

We are supporting all our industry PT’s (that’s you) with 50% OFF EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT from our website From OMNI-MX MASS to DIET MEAL REPLACEMENT and Vegan Protein, there is something within our range for everyone.

So if you’re finding it tough and the gym doors are closed, keep going, keep stretching, lifting, climbing. Keep eating right, keep nutritionals on track, FaceTime your clients, keep morale pumping, and keep the UK moving.

This is when we need you the most.


DROP US A DM on SCI-MX Facebook or Instagram or email our customer services team with proof of your current PT status & we’ll give you a ONE-TIME UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE to use off every single item on our website.

Once you’ve got it, shop our site, checkout with your unique code and our courier team will delivery to your door (no signature required, please see our new delivery terms here).

Tag us, comment & send us pictures. We want to see how your keeping fit during COVID19.

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