Summer Meal Plans

Summer Meal Plans


Looking to get lean, toned and slender for that perfect summer body?

While we all want to be slim, toned and light on our feet for summer, we don't want to starve ourselves and under-nourish the body in the process, particularly when burning it at the gym or competing in a chosen sport.

Ideal summer meals are packed with all-round nutrition but don’t give us a bloated or feeling too full, lethargic and heavy.

The secret ingredient? Macronutrients.

A macronutrient is essentially a nutrient required in the body in large amounts. Even in summer, perhaps when we’re eating less, it is important our bodies are not deprived of the macronutrients: protein, carbohydrate and lipids.

Whether it’s a summer salad or BBQ dish, our summer meals should be tasty, well-balanced and loaded with macronutrients for optimal recovery. It’s also important that they’re appetizing on a warm summer’s day. Move over hearty stews and meaty casseroles, enter SCI-MX summer meal plans!

SCI-MX nutritionists have developed the following summer meal plans that provide enough nutrition for great exercise performance, a healthy body and a lean look for summer too.

Summer Meal Plan 1- Shake it up in the morningDIET PRO™ MEAL

Breakfast: SCI-MX DIET PRO MEAL protein shake

Available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours. Add one level scoop of the powder to 300ml of water for a nutritionally supported, high-protein breakfast, that includes green tea, CLA and VT-MIX Trim for a well-balanced meal.

Lunch: Salmon, sweet potato, kale.

Cook the sweet potato as wedges with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. You can add paprika to spice them up a bit! Bake the salmon in the oven. Fresh salmon for your local fishmongers beats frozen supermarket salmon.

Dinner: Chicken and bean salad.

Create a salad that includes spinach and butter beans. You can choose other salad vegetables that you’d like to put in.

Throw in some cooked chicken breast. A chopped up, organic whole chicken breast is best. Although the meal also works well as a budget meal if you have a roast chicken left-over. Again organic and local is the better choice.


Choose from Apple and Caramel flavour and Chocolate and Hazelnut for a sweet treat that is packed with high protein & carbohydrates.

  1. One or two slices of sourdour toasted with peanut butter

Slow burning energy, great for a kick an hour before a workout.

Summer Meal Plan 2- Jam packed with protein

Breakfast- Summer protein porridge.

Mix whole rolled oats with sunflower seeds, dried pomegranate, raisins and chia seeds for a healthy and wholesome summer porridge! Serve cold with skimmed milk (or a dairy-free alternative), and even mix with your favourite SCI-MX protein powder for maximum protein in the morning.

Lunch- Cod and avocado salad

Bake the cod in the oven and make-up an avocado salad with lettuce, cucumber and chopped avocado. Add mango to sweeten the salad’s flavour, or throw in olive oil croutons for more crunch! Buy your ingredients from local farm stores to support local farmers.

Dinner- Steak, roast pepper and bulgur wheat

Opt for a premium cut, organic steak and cook the meat to your favoured method. Roast the pepper in the oven with olive oil and boil up the bulgur wheat, then combine. Mix in some cherry tomatoes and season. Some people like to add some chopped mandarin to the bulgur, for a sweet Mediterranean taste!PRO 2GO® BROWNIE


  1. Frozen berry yoghurt pot.100% WHEY ISOLATE

All you need for the frozen berry yoghurt is a pot of Greek yoghurt and two tablespoons of frozen berries. Defrost berries and combine together. You may want to add honey to taste, or even stir in some SCI-MX 100% WHEY ISOLATE for a bigger protein punch.

Summer Meal Plan 3- Simple protein snacks on-the-go

Breakfast- Date and blueberry muesli

Mix whole rolled oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dates, blueberries and raisins with skimmed milk for a tasty morning muesli.

Lunch- Eggs on wholegrain toast, with spinach

Scramble or boil the eggs, stirring in some loose spinach leaves. Mix with two slices of wholegrain, granary bread for an energy-rich lunch.

Dinner- Mushroom and courgette risotto, with pan-fried tuna steak

Make the mushroom and courgette risotto using homemade vegetable stock where possible and fry the courgettes and mushrooms in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Stir in risotto rice, then add the stock (or just water).

Pan-fry the tuna in olive or avocado oil. Serve the tuna steak with the risotto as a separate item on the plate.


Ideal as a pudding or afternoon snack, the PRO 2GO CARAMEL CRISP features soft fluffy nougat and soy crispies.


An on-the-go protein shake that you can enjoy any time of day. Ideal for after a workout or race, the PRO 2GO PROTEIN is a delicious strawberry flavour and a sensible indulgence!PRO 2GO® PROTEIN

Enjoy Summer meals with SCI MX

The key ingredient in a healthy summer meal plan is making sure your meals are high in macronutrients and made from fresh, local ingredients.

You can also include protein snacks and powders to optimize protein intake and absorption.


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