Three Bean Salad

Three Bean Salad

Don’t underestimate the power of beans in your diet plan. They’re a wonderful source of protein and fibre.

If you’re up for a nutritious, delicious, and convenient recipe for lunch or dinner, this three-bean salad ticks all the boxes.

In our bean salad recipe, we use kidney beans along with other beans and vegetables to make it a complete diet meal. We’re sure you’ll find this recipe a refreshing addition to your meat-based meal plans – or as a wholesome meal in itself.

It's loaded with protein and fibre, and makes a healthy meal if you're bringing lunch to the office. Bonus: if made the night before, it tastes even better the next day as the beans soak up all the flavours overnight.

Did You Know?

Kidney beans – one of the three beans found in our delicious recipe – are a real powerhouse ingredient; they provide roughly 24g of protein per 100g and are bursting with fibre. Low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and vitamins, the nutrition found in kidney beans has been linked to reducing the risk of various cancers, heart disease as well as diabetes.

That’s not all. Thanks to their fibre and wealth of nutrients, kidney beans can also help with your diet plans. Win, win!


πŸ‘‰ 30g black beans

πŸ‘‰ 185g kidney beans

πŸ‘‰ 200g rinsed chickpeas

πŸ‘‰ 175g sweetcorn

πŸ‘‰ 30g cherry tomatoes

πŸ‘‰ Olive oil

πŸ‘‰ 1 x medium onion, raw

πŸ‘‰ 2 – 3 tbsp lemon juice

πŸ‘‰ 1 sprig of fresh parsley

πŸ‘‰ A dash of salt and pepper

πŸ‘‰ 1 tsp dried basil leaves

πŸ‘‰ 1 tsp ground oregano


πŸ‘‰ Rinse all the beans together in water, then boil them until they become tender

πŸ‘‰ In a pan, warm up the olive oil and sauté the chopped onion until transparent

πŸ‘‰ Mix in the cooked beans, tomatoes, sweetcorn, parsley, lemon juice, salt, pepper, oregano and basil

πŸ‘‰ Mix well, cook for 2-3 minutes

πŸ‘‰ Season to your liking, then serve immediately

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