Top 5 Supplements To Achieve Your Summer Body Goals

Top 5 Supplements To Achieve Your Summer Body Goals

Gemma Peakman


In the summer, the sun shines and ideally we all want to book a holiday & hit the beach, showing more skin than usual and wanting to ooze confidence in our bodies. The perfect ‘summer-body’ is a 'must-have' in the months of June, July and August.

The optimal way to achieve the perfect summer body is, of course, eating well throughout the year, working out regularly, staying hydrated and minimising alcohol consumption.

However, if you’ve left it a little last-minute to put the extra effort into achieving your summer body goals or would like a boost, then the following 5 supplements can help you achieve your summer body goals:


SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE are high strength capsules that help with the weight loss process and can give you that edge you need in the workings towards your ideal summer body.

Featuring highly-researched ingredients that ultimately help you complete optimal training, SHRED-X contains green tea, guarana and caffeine, as well as vitamins and minerals for better performance and a summer body like you want it.


Another capsule, supplements are not only in the form of powders, of course! PYRO MX LEANCORE also contains guarana and caffeine, and helps with weight management.

The supplement also contains chromium which helps to stabilise blood glucose levels, which not only works towards a dream summer body, it also keeps your body healthier too.


The main benefit of CLA 1000 LEANCORE is the fact that it contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (also known as CLA), a modified form of Omega 6 fatty acid, that has been highly researched and is hot in the fitness industry at the moment.

It will help you get the hot summer body you’re looking for. How? Conjugated Linoleic Acid (or CLA) cannot be produced in the body, therefore, you have to consume it. It is found mostly in dairy products, and therefore by consuming CLA 1000 LEANCORE instead of more calorific dairy products, you will be further on your way to that perfect summer body.


DIET MEAL REPLACEMENT from SCI-MX is more than simply a powder to replace meals with, it is, in fact, packed with protein and nutrients for optimal health and exercise recovery.

The supplement includes CLA and green tea which are top ingredients for weight management and, of course, the summer body you’re after.


DIET PRO PROTEIN also contains CLA and green tea, key ingredients for a hot summer body, combined with three proteins for a lean look.

In addition to the three proteins whey, soya and milk proteins, the supplement also features VIT-MX-TRIM™ for excellent nutrition.

Hot Summer Body Top Tip

We provide the supplements but you need to provide to sweat. Always use supplements in addition to a healthy balance diet and lifestyle.


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