Working From Home: Top Tips To Keep 'Sane'

Working From Home: Top Tips To Keep 'Sane'

Gemma Peakman


If you're lucky enough to be able to work from home then we've got some really great tips to ensure you keep structured, focused and above all positively productive.

1. Business as usual

Get up at your normal time (no lie-ins), shower, get dressed. Get outside if possible, even if it's just as far as the end of your garden. Never work in your PJ's, we're not designed to register this as a working day if we're not dressed to face the world, plus no one wants to FaceTime you rocking your Disney night-shirt. There's no need to power dress, but slobbing out is a definite no no.

2. Designated Working Area

Create a designated working area which is set up to aid your working day. Order your desk like you're at HQ & you have an office manager. Keep it tidy. At the end of the working day, clear all the clutter you've accumulated, all those empty wrappers, coffee cups, scribbles & notes. Avoid 'arm-chairing' it, or distractions like the TV. A good podcast or radio station is perfect for a-bit of background noise.

3. Take Regular Short Breaks

In the office, you'd go for a chat with colleagues or make a tea round or have a game of ping pong. So for those 5 minutes of relief step away from your screen. Take a call with a colleague, update yourself on what's going on. Stretch (we've got a great article all about home workouts here). Give your dog a wee break, do something that refreshes your mind before coming back and tackling your next project.

Top Tip. Time yourself so you don't take advantage, there are lots of apps you can download to your phone to ensure you stay on track.

4. Meal Prep

There really isn't an excuse to not do this now. You've got time to burn outside of working hours so make the most of them and prep some delicious meals. It'll stop you picking the cupboards whilst you're making a cuppa. We've got some really great low sugar snacks to enjoy as an '11's' or afternoon treat but ensure you get decent meals in too (5 a day style).

Top Tip, the slow cooker is an ideal place to chuck a load of veggies and cheaper cuts of meat (if there's not a lot left on the supermarket shelves), cook for 4-5 hours & release the flavours! Make batches, freeze and enjoy all week long. (Look at you being all economical with your food & not panic buying).

5. Call It In

Call people, voice message, be human. Sometimes emails and texts can't get the right message across when having a quick catch up can. You can always confirm what you need on email afterwards as a reference point. Keeping good relations with your buyers, suppliers & customers will stand you in good stead & avoids having to meet up in person. Set up a daily whole business, or by department call and listen to the madness unravel.

6. Tick it Off

Saving the best till last, make yourself jobs & tick them off. 20 minutes before you're due to finish for the day, make a list of jobs for the next day, from as small as making a call, to finishing work that delivers a big project. Hold yourself accountable, get them done and tick them off. It's mentally satisfying & can act as a summary to any managers who want to see what you've been up to. In summary, keep active, keep thinking, keep working & keep driving your productivity. Test your self-discipline & thrive. Do you have any top tips we can share? We'd love to hear from you.

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