Build Better Abs in 30 Days

build-better-abs-header (3) Quickly stimulate ab growth for better definition Every trainer wants ripped abs – but you've got to attack them with the right strategy if you really want some serious definition. We've teamed up with our elite crew of SCI-MX athletes to bring you some tips that will bring out your abs with noticeable impact in 30 days – with plenty of the summer left to show them off! THE FORMULA FOR DEFINED ABS Abdominal muscle development is the result of three factors:
  • Muscle size
  • Localised body fat
  • Genetics
Luckily, we have a solution to each of these areas... ABDOMINAL MUSCLE SIZE Problem: Small ab muscles make it harder to see defined lines between them once you start getting sub 10% body fat. Bigger abs = awesome cuts! Solution: Train abs for real hypertrophy to make them more visible! Use the workout below once every five days, in addition to two other weights workouts that target the rest of your body (note: this workout hits your quads so can be used as a full leg day if you add additional exercises such as leg presses, lunges, leg extensions). A1: FRONT SQUATS Squat deep to turn this hardcore lift into a serious ab builder – while simultaneously increasing metabolic rate. Set 1: 4-6 reps Set 2: 6-8 reps Set 3: 8-10 reps Set 4: 10-12 reps (Follow the squats with 3 rounds of the exercises below) - Use strict form with a controlled tempo and an intense muscle contraction at the top of each rep - Proper ab training will be positively painful (i.e. 'muscle burn)! A2: WEIGHTED CRUNCH 8-12 reps A3: CABLE CRUNCH 8-12 reps A4: OBLIQUE CRUNCH 8-12 reps Treat your ab development just like any other muscles you're trying to build – keep progressing the weight and intensity, eat sufficient protein and keep stimulating them regularly! “Optimise your diet and training to burn fat and use advanced strategies to target potentially stubborn fat that's likely to be harder to mobilise and burn......” ABDOMINAL BODY FAT Problem: It's obvious – but excess belly fat is an ab killer – it's like wearing a big coat on the beach.... no one will know what's underneath! And while having big ab muscles is a plus when lean, it makes you look fatter when carrying excess flab! The other issue is stubborn fat in the ab region. Fitness model Dan Ventura says that it's a scientific phenomena; “It's linked to several physiological factors, including fewer receptors in fat cells, poor blood flow, hormones and genetics”. Solution: Optimise your diet and training to burn fat and use advanced strategies to target potentially stubborn fat that's likely to be harder to mobilise and burn. Check out the tips below which really will help to make a difference: > Take a fat burner before training to target stubborn abdominal zones. SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ contains green tea, citrus aurantium and caffeine specifically for this approach. It's a natural way to help you hack your body and support fatty acid release and oxidation. > For optimal results keep carbs very low before training. There are two options to try, depending on your preferences: 1. Avoid carbs pre-workout: Make sure you have not eaten high carb foods within 2-3 hours of your training sessions. 2. Train fasted: Hit the gym early in the morning in a fasted state. For both options, maximise fat burn while supporting ab muscle development with targeted supplements: Take SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ and/or X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™ before training, stacked with AMINO INTRA RIPPEDCORE™ – plus your preferred post-training shake (for example OMNI MX® RIPPEDCORE, ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN or WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™). Some guys are genetically blessed and manage to get ripped without cardio sessions – but for most, cardio is going to be key to attacking stubborn fat once under 10% body fat. Interval training has been shown to release fatty acids into the blood stream effectively, while low intensity cardio is effective at burning them up. Try a set-up similar to the plan below: Day 1: AB AND LEGS WEIGHTS SESSIONjae-rippedcore Day 2: FASTED CARDIO 10-20 mins interval training + 20 mins steady state Day 3: CHEST AND SHOULDERS Day 4: FASTED CARDIO 10-20 mins interval training + 20 mins steady state Day 5: BACK AND ARMS Day 6: FASTED CARDIO (optional) 45 minutes moderate intensity Day 7: REST! ABDOMINAL GENETICS Problem: The genetic layout of tendon and ligaments affects how your ab muscles will grow, just like pecs, shoulders and quads.... we're all different! This means some people have 6 abs, others have 4, some symmetrical, some not! Solution: You can't change your genetics! However, the key is to maximise your potential – check out SCI-MX athletes like James Alexander Ellis, Stefan Gatt, Dan Ventura and Martin Silva, they all have distinct looks to their abs, nonetheless – they all look awesome!

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