How does cutting work?


Getting lean and defined with cut abs is something most gym trainers want – but often don't achieve! If you're wondering how cutting works and how to do it right – here's the essential info.....


Cutting is all about reducing body fat while maintaining muscle. It's essential to remember that we don't just want 'weight loss' – we want FAT LOSS! With this in mind, you need to get your training, nutrition, lifestyle and supplement stack bang in line with this goal.


Intense weight training 2-3 times a week is critical when cutting, since it signals the body to maintain muscle and burn body fat when cutting calories. Add in 2-4 interval training sessions to elevate your metabolic rate – this form of cardio is muscle protective.


To get cut you need to create a calorie deficit – typically -500kcals daily to coax your body to tap into fat. But be warned – cutting energy intake puts muscle at risk of being burnt for energy; combat the problem by consuming 2g/protein/kg body mass daily (combined with heavy weight training, this strategy forms the foundation of a successful cut).


When it comes to choosing the most effective supplements to support a rapid cut -- focus on nutrients that boost fatty acid oxidation while maximising muscle maintenance. Try this stack:

Pre-workout: X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™ with green tea to boost fat release and burning Intra-workout: AMINO INTRA RIPPEDCORE™ with metabolic support nutrients and BCAA's to combat muscle breakdown Post-training: WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™ for a hit of whey protein and green tea for muscle maintenance and sustained post-workout fat burning.


Nutrition, training and supplements are only half the battle – you also need to 'live clean' 80% of the time! Most notably, excess alcohol will increase oestrogen levels, making it much harder to lose fat and retain muscle. Secondly, sleep is crucial for maximising fat loss and muscle preserving hormones; if you have trouble relaxing, take ZMA PLUS HARDCORE™.

Give the tips above 4-6 weeks of commitment and you'll see exactly how cutting works to shred fat, retain muscle and reveal a harder, more defined body.


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