High Protein Foods That Require No Heating Or Preparation


Eating 20g or more of protein frequently has numerous potential benefits – whether it's sustaining amino acid supply to muscles, maximising pre/post workout impact, or combating hunger pangs. The downside is convenience – so here's a range of instant high protein foods that require no heating or preparation.....


Beef's a prime protein and a pack of beef jerky usually contains in excess of 20g the nutrient. Jerky digests slowly, so don't have it before a workout, since you may end-up with a stomach cramps


Rip the foil and munch away – protein bars and cookies can not be beaten when it comes to curbing cravings for physique sabotaging chocolate bars and junk. If you find your favourite flavour of PRO 2GO® FLAPJACK, PRO 2GO® DUO BAR or PRO 2GO® COOKIE – you'll see why getting over 20g of protein never tasted so good.


Pre-cooked chicken – Easy way to grab a classic physique meat. White meats are great in the evening since they contain tryptophan which can have a relaxing impact.

Smoked mackerel – Natural source of protein, creatine monohydrate and omega-3 fatty acids... you can't ask for more from a pre-cooked food!

Cottage cheese – Satisfying, versatile and a great source of slow release casein protein; throw in protein powder and blueberries.... or go savoury with smoked salmon and pepper.

Tuna – Get the tins with a ring-pull and you don't even need a tin-opener. 25-30g of quality protein – make it taste good with a dash of chilli sauce!

Greek yoghurt – The highest protein-content yoghurt and thankfully the most delicious. Boost its protein content by mixing in protein powder. If you have time throw it in a bullet blender with a banana for an awesome instant dessert.


RTD's – Protein in a bottle with no stress, PRO2GO RTD contains 35g of pure protein plus 20g carbs – ideal post-workout.

Protein shakes – You'll need to add water and shake but within a minute you can down over 30g of protein per serving with a shake like ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN.

These awesome high protein snacks should give you plenty of options when it comes to hitting your macro's without the hassle of constant food prepping.


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