Increase Your Workout Density To Get Ripped


If you've ever seen the athletes in the Cross Fit Games or top MMA fighters, then you'll know these guys look and perform like complete 'machines'. Their secret is training density – a hardcore technique that has the ability to build muscle and burn fat. Take a look at how to increase your workout density to get ripped more effectively....


Training density is all about how much work volume you can pack into a specific time period – typically 20-30 minutes with popular 'escalating density sessions'. In other words, it's your reps x weight lifted. It works so effectively due to the impact of the time limit – boosting hormone synthesis and forcing muscles to hypertrophy to handle the increased metabolic demands! When you try it for yourself – you'll feel the metabolic surge!

Total training density = weight lifted x total reps (e.g. 50 reps x 80kg = 4000kg's).


Density workouts are hardcore but very simple – use them as a standalone training plan, or add them to the end of a more traditional strength session. Stacking them with X-PLODE HARDCORE pre-workout and BCAA INTRA HARDCORE during the sessions is extremely effective because you're going to need extreme focus and intensity to consistently beat your rep counts.

1. Select two non-competing muscle groups (e.g. legs and chest) 2. Use a weight that you can lift for 10-15 reps before failure 3. Set a timer to 20 minutes 4. Warm-up with few sets of the exercises 5. Alternate between the exercises for the full 20 minutes 6. Go 1-2 reps short of failure on each set 7. Record your rep counts as you go 8. Calculate your total workout volume

WORKOUT 1 20 minutes Squat Bench press

WORKOUT 2 20 minutes Trap-bar deadlift Shoulder press

WORKOUT 3 20 minutes Front squat Chin-ups

Give density training a go, progressively increase your workout score – and watch your physique improve fast!


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