An Interview with Fitness Model Daniel Ventura

SCI-MX is proud to announce that our very own #TeamSCIMX Athlete, Daniel Ventura placed 1st in this year's WBFF. A huge congratulations to Daniel from everyone at SCI-MX! Daniel is a renowned PT and fitness model. and we thought it'd be fun to grab Daniel and grill him on what inspires and motivates him, as well as what keeps him going. Here's our interview with Daniel Ventura. Who is your ‘hero’ in life and why? My dear mum, for her unconditional love and support she's given me in my life. If you hadn’t become a Fitness Athlete & PT what would you have been? I always had aspirations of being an actor from a young age, my intention when leaving school was to go to drama college and study for 3 years but when I was 18 I entered the 'highland spring face of 95' modelling competition and won a contract with Storm model agency. I thought it would be a good stepping stone into the acting world so I took the contract and starred in a few films and TV commercials afterwards. You can see my showreel on YouTube if you type in 'Daniel Ventura Showreel'. I recently shot a TV ad for old Jamaica ginger beer which will be aired this summer 2014. Who is your biggest fan and why? It's very close between my gorgeous fiancé and my dear mum! Both are so supportive of me and are there for me whenever I need them. What is your favourite cheat meal? This is a question that's made my mouth water just thinking about it. I like to have a clean cheat meal so it doesn't flood my body with toxins and bad saturated fats. So I cook from scratch spaghetti bolognese. I use wheat free pasta (to avoid a high insulin response), Turkey mince cooked in coconut oil with garlic and red onion. With homemade tomato sauce using a whole tube of tomato purée and a tin of plum tomatoes blended. Does being the underdog, a contender, or the favourite make a difference? British people tend to love the underdog and I suppose I'd feel the same. Mainly because the underdog has to work the hardest so they tend to deserve it more! Do you enjoy positive rivalries with fellow competitors? I'm not a very competitive person at heart and wouldn't feel bad if I didn't come first every time. So I've always got on with fellow competitors and always wish them the best. Life is too short to get upset with rivals, so if someone else wins I'm happy for them and just try harder next time. How important is the support of those around you when competing? It's an integral part of the success, if the people around me weren't supportive it would make the task that much more difficult. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the top) how awesome did you feel winning 1st place at WBFF? Well, the way I felt is indescribable and I'd have to say 11 out of 10 it was that good. You can find Daniel's own website here

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