How long are protein shakes drinkable after mixing?

Anyone who drinks protein shakes will know; leave your shake in a shaker too long and it can start to smell pretty bad. So, the all important question – how long are protein shakes drinkable for after shaking?

Mixing protein shakes, How long do they last after mixing


Protein shakes are designed to be mixed-up and consumed fairly quickly. Typically you want to shake and drink it within a few minutes – after all, even if you have used a great vortex shaker like Promixx.... you really need to seek help if you want to preserve your work of art for any length of time! While the fridge can save a shake for a few hours, after that it's likely to lose its freshness pretty quickly. Will it still be OK if left for 24-hours? Probably, but it's not advisable. In terms of preserving the quality of the protein and nutrients in your shakes, there's no real evidence about the impact of leaving a shake for a time before downing it. However, like any fresh food, it will start breaking down if left for long enough; get it inside you and let it do its stuff!


When at home or the gym – it's easy to mix a shake, so there's no need to leave one standing there for longer than a few minutes. If you're on the go, it's obviously not so easy. There are three easy escapes from pre-mixing your shakes; protein bars, RTD shakes or powders in a dry shaker plus a bottle of mineral water. Take home message – mix, shake, drink!

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