How to make an Anabolic Post-workout meal

What your eat and drink post-workout can has a big impact on protein synthesis and muscle anabolism – potentially transforming your physique when you get it right after every single training session. Check out how to set-up your post-training meal to reap the full anabolic impact of hardcore sessions with the iron..... WHY YOU NEED OPTIMAL POST-WORKOUT MEALS Training hard with weights or ultra-intense intervals elicit a unique stress on the body, triggering the potential for increased muscle anabolism for several hours post-workout. Eating an optimised meal during this accelerated 'post-absorptive' period is therefore likely to accelerate your gains. PREPARE ANABOLIC POST-WORKOUT MEALS When it comes to hardcore muscle growth, the aim of the post-workout meal is to re-trigger insulin release and protein synthesis around 90 minutes after drinking a post-training shake such as OMNI-MX® HARDCORE – leading to effective glycogen storage and optimal support of muscle growth. The key is fast digesting carbs and proteins – so keep it clean: - 80-150g fast-acting carbs (rice, sweet/white potatoes, pasta, sweet fruits) - 20-40g lean protein (chicken breast, fish, lean red meats) - Keep fat low to prevent fat storage when eating high-carb meals Here's a couple of classics: 100g rice + 1 chicken breast with soy sauce 1 jacket potato + tuna and sweetcorn with low-fat mayo HOW MANY POST-WORKOUT MEALS? Having one post-workout shake such as OMNI-MX® HARDCORE followed by a post-workout meal around 90 minutes later is a classic approach to training nutrition. However, for all out gains consider having a second post-workout meal 90 minutes after the first one; remember of you're pushed for time then take a serving of OMNI-MX® HARDCORE or MUSCLE MEAL HARDCORE™ instead of a solid meal. OPTIMISING ANABOLIC IMPACT Many experienced trainers swear by taking a serving of BCAA's with their post-workout meals, to utilise the power of leucine to full effect. A serving of whey protein will also deliver more complete protein with high levels of BCAA's. Try blending ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN with a banana to accompany your home made lean beef burger, bun and sweet potato wedges – a winning anabolic meal! Remember – hit the gym hard, drink a recovery shake and then think 'protein + carb' meal (maybe twice!).

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