New to our website we have added Training guides to offer guidance, support and motivation for your work outs. Here's our training guide to bust fat and build lean muscle with our Rippedcore Training Guide James is a SCI-MX Ambassador, elite personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, world-class fitness competitor and sought-after model. He is considered one of the most knowledgeable fitness professionals when it comes to physique transformations with his clients - getting their bodies to shed fat while burning or retaining exceptional levels of lean muscle and definition. James confesses that he built his physique through sheer hard work, trial and error plus hours of research into the truth about training, nutrition and supplementation. "As a personal trainer, it's my job to get people in shape, fast! The information outlined below (...see guide) is the simple, powerful advice that I give to my clients to get them ripped. What's more it's the strategy that I personally use to cut-up for modelling assignments and elite fitness competitions. Apply my '4 Rules of the Ripped' and check out how to build an effective diet plan that will force your body to burn fat and retain lean muscle." Read the SCI-MX RIPPEDCORE Training guide

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