Nutella Banana Loaf


We are die hard Nutella fans here at SCI-MX HQ and have decided to celebrate the Nutella Day tradition that started back in 2007.

To kick off this sweet celebration, we have opted for a healthier treat to indulge in the office, and to eat guilt free! Give this recipe a go, or let us know what Nutella treat you're indulging in today!


4oz Pure Dairy Free Sunflower (alternative to butter) 3 Bananas 2 Eggs 2 tbsp PRO 2GO Milkshake (Chocolate) 1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda 4oz Plain Flour 4oz Coconut Flour 1 scoop 100% WHEY ISOLATE 1 tsp Baking Powder 1 cup hazelnuts ½ cup Nutella


  • Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl with a whisk, excluding the hazelnuts and Nutella.
  • Stir in the hazelnuts.
  • In a separate, microwavable bowl, heat the Nutella for about 15 seconds, stir, and microwave for another 15 to make the Nutella smooth. Set aside.
  • Pour half of the banana loaf batter into the loaf tin and spoon half of the Nutella over the batter using a butter knife to swirl the Nutella.
  • Pour the remaining half of the batter on top of the Nutella swirls and repeat the swirling process with the remaining Nutella on top of the batter.
  • Bake in a loaf tin for 180 degrees for half an hour.

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