Product Spotlight – Flapjacks

Number icons-green-01What are SCI-MX protein flapjacks?

SCI-MX protein flapjacks are delicious bars made up of naturally milled oats and flax seeds densely blended with flavoured toppings for the ultimate taste. These ‘cannot put down’ bars come in a range of flavours including:

*Choc Peanut Butter


*Apple & Caramel

*Chocolate & Hazelnut

*Yogurt & Honey

*Yogurt & Raspberry

Number icons-green-02How do protein flapjacks help my fitness journey and goals?pro 2go flapjack

Our flapjacks are available from both the DIET

and advanced range. What does this mean? This means if you’re strict with your weight loss goals, reach for the DIET Flapjack when you snack. Our DIET Flapjacks contain 230kcal as opposed to 293kcal in our advanced PRO 2GO bar (which makes a difference if your calorie counting) as well as containing ingredients (L-carnitine & green tea) to help promote weight loss. Our DIET bars also have 11.3g less carbohydrates than the PRO 2GO Flapjack, so for those cutting carbs choose DIET. For anyone not dieting and requiring carbs to help fuel or recover a heavy weights or cardio session choose advanced.

Need more advice? Why not email our customer services team who will happily help.

Number icons-green-03When should I snack on protein flapjacks?

Protein flapjacks like any bars from our convenience range are perfect for when you're on-the-go. We eat ours on the work commute, post gym workout, 11’s snack (who doesn’t snack) or anytime when you can’t prepare a nutritious meal. They are ideal for anyone who wants a healthy treat & saves you from reaching for something high in sugar.

Number icons-green-04What do our customers have to say?

PRO 2GO Flapjack

“Love these flapjacks. High quality protein in a convenient and tasty form. Carry a couple in my work kit in case I don't have time for a proper lunch or great pre/post workout nutrition. Yogurt and Honey is my favourite. Don't know how you make these taste so good SCI-MX but keep up the good work.”

Andy 5* (verified buyer)


“The flapjacks are great tasting and are very good if u need a protein boost or feeling hungry and don't want to fall off the wagon by eatingdiet flapjack regular snack foods. My only tip is to take one to work with u and leave the rest at home they taste so goo I can't stop at having 1 bar. Another great product by SCI-MX.”

Chris G 5* (verified buyer)

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