Product Spotlight PRO 2GO® PROTEIN & Milkshakes

Product Spotlight PRO 2GO® PROTEIN & Milkshakes

Number icons-red-01What are protein drinks?

At SCI-MX we’re big fans of our convenience range and our drinks are no exception. So much so that we're offering them to you in two different sizes, 310ml and 500ml. Our protein drinks are convenient on the go bottles of high protein goodness (delicious).

Number icons-red-02Can I use protein drinks?

Yes anyone can! These easy treats are suitable for anyone wanting to lose weight or build muscle, why? Because they contain a high protein ratio.

Goal: lose weight – stop reaching for the chocolate bar or crisps packet whilst your rummaging through the kitchen cupboard. Head straight to the fridge and flip the lid on your favourite 310ml choc - the healthy alternative. (Enjoy knowing its fat free with no added sugar!)

Goal: build muscle – it’s been a couple of hours since your last refuel and you know it’s time for a feed. Haven’t prepped? Don’t panic, enjoy our protein drinks in confidence. Chug down on 35g of protein per 500ml or 22g per 310ml.

Number icons-red-03When should I drink protein drinks?

You can sip on our refreshing PRO 2GO PROTEIN or Milkshakes no matter what the time of day. We always have one handy, whether that’s stashed in our gym bag or office draw.... Never get to that ‘hangry’ stage with high protein bottles.

Number icons-red-04Ready to drink USP’s

We know parting with your cash is a tricky business, so if you’re still not sold on the benefits of our easy drinks here’s a few more reasons why you should.

*FAT FREE - Made with skimmed milk not full fat.

*No added sugars – it’s delicious taste comes from the milk lactose and cocoa flavouring.

*High in protein.

*Ready when you are – take them anyway size.

Number icons-red-05What do our customers have to say?


"I have always used SCI-MX PRO 2GO when I am on the road to ensure I hit my Macros. It is a great tasting product with the perfect amount of protein and nutrients to ensure I am either fully fueled or packed with BCAA's to recover. I can't recommend this shake enough!"

Adam Lacey 5* (verified customer)


"Great drink. Ideal for my bag, at work, when out, even at the cinema! packed with BCAA great drink"

Steve 5* (verified customer)

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