How To Reverse Diet For A Ripped Physique


Heard about 'reverse dieting' and fixing 'metabolic damage' to get ripped more easily? It's something that's getting a lot of attention in the fitness media. Simply put, reverse dieting is a method of increasing calorie intake following a phase of dieting down, with the goal of re-setting your metabolism to burn calories at a higher rate – making it easier to maintain or achieve a lean, muscular body. Check out the basics of how to reverse diet for a ripped physique....


Most experts agree that following an extended period of calorie restriction (such as a 6-8 week diet) can severely impact metabolic rate and hormone levels. This is often why dieting can be so frustrating – you're eating 1800 calories and you're either enduring constant cravings, or worse still – getting poor fat loss results!

You might benefit from a reverse diet if:

- You've been on a low energy nutrition plan for 6-8 weeks - Your weight loss is stalling even though you're eating less and less! - You're fed-up eating low calories to maintain your Abs - You've been focussed on getting ripped for several months


The goal of a reverse diet to get ripped is all about re-setting your metabolic set-point (i.e. calorie burning). Get going by adding around 5-10% extra calories to your daily diet per week (e.g. boost 2000kcals to 2200). An extra protein shake ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN or bar such as PRO 2GO® DUO BAR is ideal. Keep boosting your food intake each week for a month and monitor your results. Your goal is to find the highest calorie intake you can eat without gaining body fat (invest in a set of body fat scales!). You'll have more energy to train and build lean muscle and many guys actually find themselves with a leaner physique after a period on a reverse diet. After 4-8 weeks your metabolism should be revved-up – time to assess your physique. At this point, if you do want to focus on shredding fat, then start cutting energy intake by 5% each week – you'll find the fat should start melting away even though you're eating way more food that you were before you started reverse dieting. Add SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ to help mobilise and oxidise fat with its green tea extract.


Reverse dieting is also awesome for anyone whose dieting down to single digit body fat over the summer and wants to add serious amount of muscle mass with a bulk-up plan. Every fitness model will tell you the best gains some post-contest when you reverse your diet and gradually increase your calorie intake. You'll want to be more aggressive with your calorie boost if this is your goal – try adding 2 daily servings of OMNI MX® HARDCORE to your diet for 2 weeks, then add a handful of cashew nuts with your shakes in weeks 3-4. After a month assess your progress to see if you need to maintain, reduce or continue to increase your energy intake. If it's worked for you – then you should have gained lean muscle without excess fat.


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