Lose Body Fat & Retain Lean Muscle Mass - The Essentials


There are a few essentials factors to losing unwanted body fat – a goal, commitment, dietary control and energy/will power to workout with high-intensely on a regular basis. However, your exercise plan doesn't have to be super-complex – check out these simple training tips to shed fat and promote muscle definition.....


Firstly – what's 'effective weight loss'? Simple – it's losing ugly or unwanted body fat while retaining muscle mass. Let's say two guys in similar shape lose 10lbs in 30 days – but one loses 5lbs of muscle and 5lbs of fat, while the other burns 10lbs of pure fat from his abs. Same 'weight loss' – but a 100% difference in results!

Achieving this goal is about training and eating in a way that boosts your metabolism, promoting fat oxidation and preventing muscle tissue being burnt for energy.....


Resistance training is the number one exercise choice to prevent muscle tissue breakdown and stripping fat. When combined with an adequate protein intake (around 1.8-2g/protein/kg daily) and faced with a healthy calorie deficit (250-500kcals daily) – your body taps into stored body fat for energy. You can use heavy weights in the gym, but simple body weight circuits are a very simple way to start burning body fat while retaining muscle.

Body weight resistance training (x 3 weekly for 30-40 minutes)

30 minutes pre-workout: Take 1 serving X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™ which includes Amino-Pump amino acid matrix to ensure you remain anit-catabolic, optimal caffeine levels for alertness and focus and a unique vitamin stack to prevent workout fatigue, which is common when dieting.

Press-ups x 20 seconds Squats x 20 seconds Walking lunges x 20 seconds Chair dips x 20 seconds Crunches x 20 seconds Squat thrusts x 20 seconds

Up the impact and add variety by using a kettlebell or dumbbells.

Post-training: Take 1 serving of WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™ to supply your body with the whey protein and nutrients it needs to maintain muscle when dieting. You get an instant hit of 20g premuim quality whey protein, 30mg high-grade green tea extract and 8mg of Vit-MX- Trim (a unique blend of vitamins to support the metabolic system).


Performing long-duration cardio in combination with an energy controlled diet is associated with the risk of muscle being burnt for fuel! Instead, opting for shorter sessions of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is your best option for muscle-protective cardio – and it dramatically boosts post-workout calorie burn.

30 minute HIIT park run workout

Use the same supplement strategy as with resistance training.

1. Warm-up 5 minutes 2. HIIT phase for 20 minutes: High intensity 30 seconds Low intensity 60 seconds 3. Cool-down 5 minutes

The formula is simple....

Resistance training + optimal protein intake + HIIT = awesome muscle definition!


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