Diet Protein

Protein can play a key role in supporting your weight loss programme. Because fat is metabolised within muscle, it is important to preserve muscle when dieting and exercising for fat loss.

Think of muscle as the furnace that burns your fat! What's more, studies suggest that a protein rich diet can help you achieve a more aesthetic body – with less fat and more muscle tone! By preserving lean muscle with a protein-rich meal plan, you'll promote the loss of body fat, rather than muscle tissue. When combined with resistance exercise, the result is weight loss that leaves you with a leaner and more toned body – and not the 'skinny fat' look! Combine the benefits of protein with other weight management ingredients and you have an effective supplement stack to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

Our weight management protein shakes, include green tea which increases the beta oxidation of fat molecules, leading to a reduction in body fat. They're also optimized with a targeted micro nutrient stack to support a healthy metabolism, combat fatigue and promote thyroid function. Finally, they're fortified with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a smart-fat that's been successfully researched in obesity studies in the USA and Canada and has been shown to be effective at helping to reduce cholesterol. Our science-driven weight management shakes taste great, but contain controlled calorie levels to help you create a daily energy deficit. Simply combine SCI-MX shakes with intensive exercise and a balanced weight loss diet. Get scientific with weight loss!