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When it comes to strengthening your muscles, bulking up and seeing results from your weight training efforts, recovery nutrition plays an important part.

At SCI-MX, we have a number of protein supplements, powders, shakes and snacks that can give your body the added levels of protein needed to aid muscle repair and growth.

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During exercise, tiny tears take place in the muscles as they are stretched and pushed, particularly during weight training.

Protein is a building block in the body, and it is essential to helping muscles repair after working out. For fitness enthusiasts and athletes in pursuit of lean muscle growth, ensuring an intake of high quality protein after a session in the gym is essential. Our OMNI MX ALL IN ONE MASS is among the best protein powder products available to help the body recover and increase workout gains. This heavyweight system has proved unmatched in helping to build muscle, and when taken regularly can increase your energy and power before a workout, and contribute to anti-workout fatigue afterwards. We have a number of other popular growth repair protein supplements that contains high levels of whey isolate, carbohydrates, and other essential vitamins and minerals to support effective muscle repair.

In addition to being great for recovery, protein also provides the body with energy, and so we have a number of pre-workout shakes and supplements available as well. No matter your training of choice, we have products that can deliver nutrients straight into your system to aid with repair and recovery immediately following a workout session.

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At SCI-MX, we have a number of top rated protein products that can help your muscles repair and recover after exercise.

Made with the best protein available, our powders, shakes and supplements provide a powerful boost of protein when your body needs it most. Our products are formulated based on scientific research to give you the best possible advantage. Enjoy one of the ready-made products in our convenience range, or if you want to mix up your own post-workout smoothie or drink, try adding a scoop of our 100% pure Whey Isolate to help your muscles repair quickly. Shop today, and start seeing the results of your efforts with growth repair products today.