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When it comes to optimal strength training, supplementing your diet with hormone and testosterone support can make a significant difference.

At SCI-MX, we have scientifically developed a range of powder products to be used in protein shakes for women and men who want to see real results following strength training. We have created formulas that use boosters to help you achieve your optimal hormone levels to support muscle growth and increase consequential gains.

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There are a number of hormones released during strength training, primarily growth hormone (GH), cortisol, testosterone,and insulin-like growth factor (IGF).

We have created products using the best protein, vitamins and minerals that can help you manage the release of hormones to help you build stronger muscles. One of our most popular products is the ZMA, a powder solution especially designed for hormone regulation. Three capsules provides you with 714 per cent of your recommended intake of vitamin B6, which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity, while levels of zinc help support your testosterone. The addition of pantothenic acid helps to reduce post-workout fatigue, too. Our all-encompassing OMNI MX ALL IN ONE MASS powder is one of the UK’s best-selling all-in-one mass gainers, rich in vitamin B6 and zinc to regulate hormones based on market-leading scientific research.If you are looking to build lean muscle mass but also shed unwanted body fat, regulating your hormones with a low calorie whey powder is ideal. Our formulated DIET MEAL REPLACEMENT product delivers 25g protein with just 200 calories (aprox) a shake, and the many other nutrients included also help to regulate hormone levels.

Whether you need a testosterone boost to increase your energy and performance, or simply want to ensure your hormone levels are healthy and balanced, our range of products is ideal for anyone who wants to build lean, strong muscles and notice a significant difference in their physique.

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At SCI-MX, all our products are developed using scientific research to ensure you get the optimum nutrition possible.

The needs and preferences of every fitness enthusiast will vary, and so we have created a range of products to give you plenty of selection. Our unique blends and formulas deliver the maximum in protein and other vitamins and nutrients that give your body the fuel it needs to not only put in a strong performance, but recover from it as well. Shop today, and experience the SCI-MX difference.