Intra Workout Drinks

When it comes to the best protein shakes for before and after a workout, there are plenty from which to choose – but what should you consume during the workout itself?

If you hit a wall when training, you need something that will give you an immediate boost to get back on track. If you are training for an endurance event such as a marathon, you need a supplement that will keep your energy levels steady through the most gruelling of workouts. Intra-workout support is a growing area of interest, and SCI-MX, we take it very seriously. You deserve the best nutrition, and so our team has developed the best intra-workout protein supplements to keep you pushing hard through to the very last rep.

Why do I need an intra-workout drink?

As our understanding of the biology that underpins strength training grows, it has become clear we need to supplement our bodies while we exercise to reach optimum performance levels.

Advances in technology mean workout drinks can provide a fast-acting benefit that hits during your workout. If you want to train harder and see better results, intra-workout drinks are a useful addition to your fitness regime. Most intra-workout drinks are designed to work in support of pre- and post-workout supplements, although you should always check the label.

Which intra-workout drink should I choose?

Like all supplements, you should choose the best fit for your physical and performance needs.

At SCI-MX, we have carefully engineered the best protein shakes for women and men that are ideal for consumption during training. We outline all the key benefits of our intra-workout drinks in our online store, meaning you can choose a product that’s right for you. Our BCAA INTRA WORKOUT is a super smart intra-workout drink that drives lean muscle growth and boosts energy levels. A careful combination of key amino acids helps you to maintain your best performance throughout your workout – just sip continuously through your session for best results.

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