Meal Replacement

An effective way to lose fat and achieve a lean, toned physique is to consume up to six small meals per day. Your body reacts to this by changing from a protective ‘fat storage mode’ to ‘fat burning mode’.

For many people, a regular supply of protein and nutrition also helps them to avoid giving-in to cravings for junk food – a problem that often sabotages your efforts to train hard and stick to your fat loss diet.

We know how difficult it is to prepare six meals per day – which is why we have developed DIET PRO MEAL™.

We recommend that you consume three modest, balanced food meals and use DIET PRO MEAL™ in between solid food meals as a nutritious snack. We've made sure our shake tastes great – so you'll get a psychological reward and look forward to your next protein snack. You can also drink your shakes before and/or after exercise, which is an effective strategy to help support the maintenance of muscle mass when dieting. Each serving provides a balanced ratio of protein and carbohydrates and includes research proven CLA to reduce cholesterol and provide diet supporting essential fatty acids.

A targeted micro nutrient stack is also included to support metabolism, combat fatigue and promote thyroid function. Fatty acid oxidation is accelerated by the inclusion of green tea extract, making DIET PRO MEAL™ the ideal weight loss support supplement – try it out today!