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Protein Cookies

Think having a “cheat” is going to ruin your healthy eating plans?

With our tasty, healthy protein cookies, this doesn’t have to be the case. Each cookie is slow baked to lock in maximum flavour whilst delivering either 15g or 23g of protein. To refuel after the gym, prepare for your workout, or simply to enjoy a healthy snack on the go, protein cookies belong in the snack cupboard of any fitness enthusiast.


 Snack the healthy way with protein cookies

It can often be the case that when re-hauling your healthy eating plan to achieve your fitness goals, the temptation of a sweet treat every once in a while remains.

With protein cookies, you can enjoy something that tastes delicious without deviating from your fitness goals. Our cookies contain less sugar and fat than store-bought cookies, and because they come individually wrapped, they are super convenient to enjoy on the way back from the gym or while out and about. In between training and other commitments, it can be hard to consume the necessary high levels of protein to ensure proper muscular repair, and so our cookies are the perfect way to get this nutrition without having to worry about preparing extra meals or shakes.


Which protein cookies are best?

Your ideal protein cookie should deliver the right macro nutrients and be made with natural ingredients, and there should be a high level of quality-source protein.

Some cookies are filled with carbs that have a high glycaemic index, meaning a rating of 70 or more. This means the sugar is absorbed quickly into the body, resulting in a “sugar rush”. While this can provide a quick burst of energy, there is also a sugar crash to think about afterwards. Our cookies are made with low GI carbs so that you don’t have to worry about this; the body digests these at a slower rate, meaning you feel fuller for longer without wanting to snack. As sugar is released slowly into the bloodstream, so there’s no sugar rush or crash to worry about – just natural, slowly released energy.

At SCI-MX, we have worked hard to produce the best tasting, high-in-protein cookie, available in three delicious flavours. Our cookies support muscle growth and development, making them an essential part of your diet plan if you are looking to lose weight, gain mass, strengthen and tone, or generally improve your health and wellness.


Discover our range today

We are proud to have developed the UK’s best selling protein cookie, available in double chocolate chip, strawberry and white chocolate chip or oatmeal and raisin.

Our cookies make delicious, healthy snacks, and are an easy way to increase your protein intake to the required levels when training as they have been developed to be both healthy and tasty. You will feel full for longer and the need to snack will be eliminated, which will aid with weight loss.

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