What Are The benefits of protein shakes

The best Protein Shakes are those with high bio availability, meaning there is a high level of quality protein sources from which the body can extract nutrients.

A whey Protein Shake typically tends to have the highest levels, as the rating of whey on the bio availability scale is around 104. Whole milk is around 91, casein is roughly 77, and soy is 74. When considering making your own Protein Shake Recipes then, it’s ideal to look for powders that have high levels of protein and to mix them with foods in which these and other essential nutrients is also high. To reap the benefits of a protein shake, the best time to consume one is right after a workout, as this is when your body immediately begins to start repairing the muscle.

Because of the association between increased protein consumption with strengthening and muscle repair, there is often a misconception that when women consume protein, it will lead to the gain of unwanted mass. However, women can actually benefit from protein shakes whether they want to develop muscle or lose weight. This is because women do not produce enough testosterone to build and repair muscle as men, so rather than the protein consumed in a shake being extra, it serves to close the gap and in effect make up the difference. We have a number of ready-made Protein Shakes for women and men, and we have also specially developed recipes to cater to variances in diet, so there are shakes and powders that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, gluten and lactose intolerant athletes.


Protein Shakes provide a quick, easy and tasty way to supplement food intake with a direct shot of several grams of protein at a time.

What are protein shakes?

Protein shakes are milkshakes that have high levels of protein added for fast absorption into the body.

These can either be in the form of ready-made shakes, or the protein powder can be purchased separately for you to make your own. This depends on your workout schedule and personal preference, as pre-made drinks can be a time saver and great for those who squeeze in workouts during lunch breaks or on before work. Protein is essential towards building and maintaining mass, as without it, the body is unable to form the biochemical structures that are required for muscle repair, growth and healing. If you are doing a lot of workout that is strenuous on the muscles, especially activities like weight training for example, ensuring you heighten levels of protein accordingly is important.

Shakes are versatile, convenient and delicious, and our range at SCI-MX has a number of different flavors and dietary options available to make them suitable for a range of different athletes.

Making your own protein shakes

You can use various SCI MX protein powders to make your own shakes, here are 5 easy protein powder shake recipes for you to try. If you are interested in making protein shakes without protein powder check out more recipes in our nutrition hub. Our protein shake guides also cover protein shakes versus milk shakes, information on the UK's most advanced protein shake.  


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At SCI-MX, we have put together a number of delicious Protein Shake Recipes into ready-made products that are ideal for use on the go, in between meals, or before and after a workout. If you want to shape up your own shakes and come up with your own recipes,we have powders available for purchase as well.