When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, upping your protein intake is absolutely crucial.

Get the results you want and reach your goals quicker with the addition of protein supplements into your routine. Whether you are looking to jump-start a fitness regime, maintain results, build muscle or burn fat, getting adequate levels of protein plays an important part in your level of success. If you are one of many fitness enthusiasts who balances training with work and other commitments, finding the time, energy and money to prepare meals and drinks that will deliver this protein can be difficult. With protein supplements from SCI-MX, it doesn’t have to be.


We have a wide range of affordable and delicious supplements that can help you reach your training goals. Feel faster, stronger and more powerful with tasty and expertly formulated protein supplements available online at SCI-MX.

Why take Protein Supplements?

The body needs three macro nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Protein is essentially the “building block” on which muscle can be developed. When engaging in any high levels of physical activities, miniscule tears develop in the muscles as they are exercised, and so protein is essential to help these heal. However, to obtain the necessary protein through food alone can be difficult, and so many individuals serious about building their body and supporting healthy muscle repair and regrowth take protein supplements.

Supplements come in many different forms, and it can be easy to integrate them into your existing routine. You can add powders like glutamine to shakes and recovery drinks, as this rapidly delivers amino acid to muscle tissues to aid with fast repair in addition to being high in antioxidants. Creatine is the world’s best selling muscle building supplement, and has been the top-selling muscle gain supplement globally for three decades. SCI-MX creatine monohydrate is the purest form available, making it ideal for the serious gym-goer.

At SCI-MX, we have a number of high quality protein supplements such as creatine available, with international shipping now offered.

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Our nutritional experts have developed an extensive range of protein supplements that include protein powder, protein shakes, cookies and flapjacks, protein bars, and more.

Whether for the purposes of meal replacement, healthy snacks or as part of an overall healthy eating plan, our protein supplements can make all the difference to your training efforts. It may be that you’re training for an endurance event or want to slim down and tone up, or perhaps you are a professional or amateur athlete. It may be that you simply take a keen interest in keeping your body healthy and strong. Whatever your goals, our vast selection of products means you are able to find something that suits both your tastes and your needs, so together with regular exercise and training we can help you reach your fitness target.

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