Post Workout Powders

Immediately following a workout, increasing your protein intake to help your muscles recover and repair is essential.

One of the most effective ways to do this is with a post-workout powder. High in the best quality protein and fortified with additional nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, SCI-MX whey protein powder can easily be integrated into your post-workout routine. We have carefully designed our products to include high levels of protein to deliver a powerful punch of nutrition when your aching muscles need it the most.

How do post-workout powders work?

A post-workout powder provides nutrients and compounds that help you consolidate your workout into great results, repair damage, and jump-start your energy levels.

Whey powder can be mixed into water or fresh juice to create post-workout shakes that are best consumed around 30 minutes following your exercise. Different powders contain varying levels of protein, while some contain additional nutritional benefits. Others have been especially created for those on a diet or for individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences, so you should therefore choose the best protein supplement powder that ties to your personal training goals and physical requirements.

What is the best protein powder to consume after a workout?

At SCI-MX, we offer a wide range of high quality, post-workout powders that deliver the support you need.

If you’re serious about building and maintaining muscle, our ULTRA WHEY powder is the best protein supplement to consume after a workout. A useful pre and post-workout powder, this is a multi-functioning mix that provides full body support.

If you’re looking for a powder with wide ranging recovery benefits, then look no further than our OMNI MX ALL IN ONE LEAN blend. High in useful proteins and carbohydrates, this carefully balanced mix both supports muscle growth and recovers energy levels making this a great all-round product that will benefit most gym goers.

Find your best post-workout protein powder

Our online store stocks a wide range of powders to help you optimise your recovery. Featuring detailed nutritional overviews, key benefits and user reviews for each of our products, our range makes it easy to find the right post-workout powder for you.