Protein Bars

Whether you need meal replacement protein snacks or supplements that can be enjoyed in between meal times to give you that added energy boost, the range of SCI-MX protein bars and snacks has a number of delicious options available.

We have a number of expertly-formulated protein snacks that are suited to a range of fitness goals, whether you want to get lean and trim or bulk up and strengthen. These healthy snacks are perfect for amateur gym-goers and professional athletes alike, and aside from being high in quality protein, they are great tasting and chocked full of flavour for you to enjoy whenever it suits.

Find the Best Protein snacks for your goals

With the SCI-MX range of protein products, it’s easy to find snacks that are to your taste whilst receiving the right essential nutrients for your fitness goals.

Choose from individual nourishing bars, cookies and flapjacks, or if you want to buy in bulk, we have ready-made convenient bundles that contain all the protein snacks you need. Those with a sweet tooth need not deny themselves, as we have created high protein delicious products in flavours such as strawberry and cream, chocolate peanut butter, and caramel crisp. Not only do these products taste great, but they also contain lower rates of sugar than you would find in your regular chocolate bars, meaning you can still get all the flavour and taste you love without having to compromise or hinder your nutrition plan. There are also low calorie options available, ideal for those who are looking to slim down and shift unwanted body fat through training efforts.

There are snacks to suit a range of dietary requirements and restrictions too, so you can find a vast array of delicious, healthy products that can easily and conveniently be integrated into your existing diet plan.

Shop the Best Protein Supplement and snack range now

At SCI-MX, all of our protein snacks have been carefully developed by expert nutritionists to help you incorporate great tasting and healthy snacks into your everyday routine.

We have ensured that each snack is not only rich in protein, but also other essential minerals and vitamins to deliver well-balanced nutrition with every bite. If you lead a busy life, you may not have the time to make these snacks yourself, and yet upping your protein intake is essential if you want to see a noticeable difference in both your training and results. With ready-made convenient snacks, you can enjoy brownies, flapjacks, protein bars and other delicious snacks to suit your schedule.

Browse our selection today, and stock your snack cupboard with the best protein snacks for your needs.