Protein Powders

When it comes to repairing muscle tissue after a workout and providing your body with the right supply of amino acids, products like Whey Protein Powder play a vital role.

Protein powders are specially formulated to contain very high levels of protein to supply your system with a powerful punch of essential nutrients and vitamins. The best protein powder is that which contains a high percentage of protein, meaning it’s rich in sources that can be easily absorbed by the body (this is known is bioavailability). At SCI-MX, we have a range of products with a high bioavailability score that can help you bulk up and increase mass, aid fat loss, and generally help support your physical performance.

What is protein powder?

There are three common types of powder – soy, casein, and whey powder.

Whey is often the most common, as it is water-soluable, and can be easily integrated into shakes or used in milk as part of your breakfast. Whey powder protein products tend to be one of three different types - hydrolysate, isolate or concentrate. Isolate protein powder is high in protein and low in allergens that can irritate those who have lactose or gluten intolerances, while hydrolysate absorbs into the body at a fast rate, making it ideal for post-workout consumption. Concentrate is often the cheapest option, with a low level of protein content and higher levels of fat and cholesterol. Cheap Protein Powder often has a low bioavailability rating, meaning there are a number of additives and other ingredients that hamper your body’s availability to absorb the protein. At SCI-MX, all of our protein powders have been specially formulated to have a high score so that it’s easy for the body to make use of the protein sources found within.

Why should you use Protein Powders?

You’ve heard it said that you can’t out-train a bad diet, and so making sure your nutrition supports your exercise efforts is key to success.

If you are just starting a new exercise regime, your muscles will be in need of more protein than before, and so it is a good idea to support any new workout plan with some Whey Protein Powder. Similarly, if you are exercising at a higher rate (perhaps you are attempting your first marathon or cross-training event), you will need to up your protein intake accordingly to support sufficient muscle repair. As protein is crucial to muscle regeneration, athletes struggling with injury often increase their protein to pursue a quick recovery. How often you consumer protein powder will depend on your training needs and personal goals. If you wish to lose weight, consuming high levels of protein at breakfast can make you feel fuller for longer, which in turn lowers your caloric intake throughout the day and helps with fat loss. If you are training for an athletic event or a bulking up, you will need to repair your muscles after each workout session, so it is vital to have a shake or drink with protein powder straight after exercising.

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At SCI-MX, we have carefully created our protein powders in a range of flavours that can deliver high levels of protein with just a few scoops. Add it to your favourite cereal or drink, and use before and after training and throughout the day as part of your overall nutrition plan.