If you want to build muscles in the gym and see real, tangible results from your training efforts, supporting your workouts with 100% whey powder, creatine and other pre-workout amplifiers is essential.

At SCI-MX, we don’t only have protein supplements that can increase energy levels before a session, but we also have other specially formulated drink mixes that can power up your workouts like never before. Created using scientific research and made using ingredients to elevate energy levels, our muscle power product range is ideal for anyone looking to increase his or her performance and build lean muscle mass.

Power your muscles with SCI-MX products

At SCI-MX, we have a range of products that increase energy rates and give your body the fuel it needs to put in an outstanding performance at the gym.

Our training amplifiers are a great way to safely accelerate your efforts and give your muscles the power they need to make it through a workout. Our convenience range is ideal for those who want a quick shot of powerful protein on the go. Our ready-made shakes are available in delicious flavours, and contain high levels of protein along with a number of other active ingredients. On your way to the gym, you can simply unscrew the top and enjoy a flavourful, nutritious shake. If you prefer to make your own protein shake recipes, we have products suitable for this as well. Our best protein powder for this use would be our classic OMNI MX ALL IN ONE MASS a powder made using premium micro-filtered whey and creatine to help power your workouts. We also have other products designed to promote muscle growth and gain, such as our X-PLODE pre-workout powder. This has been made with active ingredients such as L-arginine AKG, guarana and caffeine to give your energy levels a substantial boost.

Shop our muscle power protein supplements now

At SCI-MX, we develop our protein supplements using formulas derived from scientific research, so we can ensure every athlete, weight trainer and fitness enthusiast can get the best nutrition available.

Whether you are training for an event, are aiming to bulk up, or simply want to increase your performance at the gym, increasing your intake of high quality protein is essential. We have a number of products available that provide you with optimum nutrition, as many are fortified with added minerals and vitamins to provide you with extra power.

Shop today, and experience the difference our muscle power protein, creatine and other products make to your workout.