When it comes to building muscle and powering up your performance, lifting weights and eating a healthy diet often isn’t enough.

If you want to get serious about transforming your body, taking protein supplements to help your muscles repair and recover is essential. Muscle requires high levels of protein if you are looking to gain mass, but this amount of protein can often be hard to obtain from food sources alone. This is where additional protein supplements can be of huge value, providing extra support to the muscles as you embark 


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While not suitable for meal replacement, supplements can be used to support your healthy eating and exercise habits.

If you’re struggling to consume enough protein or need an additional boost as you up your training efforts, muscle building protein supplements prove an ideal choice. They are also a great way to deliver a powerful shot of protein once you have finished training to help muscles recover quickly, or if you have a busy schedule and need to quickly enjoy protein drinks or shakes on the go. At SCI-MX, we have expertly created a range of supplements that contain high quality protein to help you build muscle in an effective and safe way. Our top selling 100% PURE GLUTAMINE supplement contains high levels of antioxidants, along with essential amino acids that contribute to muscle repair and protein synthesis. Just as we use only the best protein, this product features top pharmaceutical grade glutamine so that it can be absorbed into muscles quickly. The neutral taste makes it easy to add to your drink or shake of choice, helping you achieve your muscle development goals.

Building muscle takes time and of course effort in the gym, but to really give yourself an advantage and to repair muscles safely following a workout, supporting your efforts with supplements is the smart choice. Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder or are simply enthusiastic about transforming your body, we have the right supplement for you.

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At SCI-MX, our experts have created a range of healthful protein supplements that can help you achieve your weight training goals.

Our experts use leading sports nutrition information to create formulas that will help you achieve your goals and surpass expectations, with supplements that can easily be integrated into your everyday routine. If you are ready to take your training to the next level, shop today to discover the range of SCI-MX protein supplements.