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Weight management is one of the hardest obstacles many of us have to overcome! If you have the right approach to managing your body fat and muscle tone, the results can be truly amazing, even life changing!

The right diet and training plan are essential and this will never change. There is no better time than right now to take control of your body fat and muscle tone. Once you’ve made the decision to sculpt a leaner body, you can make real progress every day and SCI-MX® can help you all the way with our all-encompassing weight management range.

If you are looking for a lean, toned and athletic physique you will want to lose the right fat, in the right places and you will want to lose it for good. We focus on stripping body fat and not losing muscle because muscle is the furnace that burns the fat. Fat molecules can only be burned up as energy within your muscle cells, not through sweat or any other bodily function. Simply reducing calories may result in you losing weight on the scale, but also losing muscle mass and tone, resulting in an unbalanced physique. Following an exercise programme that incorporates weight training as well as aerobic exercise, the combination of a balanced diet and the right supplements will transform your physique into that of an athlete or fitness model.

Our weight management range covers every aspect of fat control including thermogenic fat burning, supporting a healthy metabolism and the oxidation of fatty acid molecules. To support your nutritional needs while watching your weight we have developed DIET PRO MEAL™. It contains the ideal ratio of protein and carbohydrates to help you maintain muscle and boost energy levels, plus CLA and VIT-MX-TRIM™ fat loss targeted vitamin and mineral complex.

DIET PRO PROTEIN™ and WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™ provide excellent protein sources with added fat control nutrients. For rapid fat burning try SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™, designed to speed up the rate at which your body metabolises fat.

SCI-MX® has a global reputation for quality and efficacy. Our formulas are based on solid scientific research, helping you to be at your very best.