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Bulk Up with SCI-MX Gainer Proteins
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Bulk Up with SCI-MX Gainer Proteins

Achieving muscle mass requires a strategic approach to nutrition and supplementation. For individuals aiming to increase muscle, adequate intake of high-quality protein and calories is crucial. SCI-MX gainers offer scientifically formulated solutions to support your bulking objectives. During resistance training, muscle fibres experience microtears that necessitate repair and growth, processes heavily reliant on amino acids derived from protein. Incorporating high-quality whey protein into your diet ensures a rapid supply of these essential amino acids, facilitating efficient muscle recovery.


Total Mass Gainer is formulated for individuals who struggle to meet their caloric intake goals necessary for muscle gain. Each serving provides:

  • 32g of Protein: Sourced from premium whey, this protein content supports muscle repair and growth.
  • 478 Calories: An energy-dense profile to help achieve daily caloric surplus.
  • 81g of Carbohydrates: Essential for replenishing glycogen stores and sustaining energy levels.

In the pursuit of achieving muscle development and conquering your weight gain goals, Total Mass Gainer protein emerges as the ultimate dietary solution. Tailored to individuals facing the daunting challenge of consuming sufficient calories for healthy weight gain.


Ultra Muscle is a formula designed for individuals focused on high-quality muscle development. Each serving contains:

  • 56g of Protein: A substantial protein quantity to promote significant muscle growth.
  • 551 Calories: High caloric content to support demanding training regimens and recovery.
  • 60g of Carbohydrates: Balanced to provide sustained energy and efficient glycogen replenishment.

High protein intake is a crucial factor in muscle development, and Ultra Muscle recognises this importance. This formula is enriched with a high-protein blend that provides your muscles with the necessary fuel to grow and repair. Whether you're an experienced bodybuilder or just starting on your fitness journey, this is suitable for anybody who needs a much higher protein ratio.


For those dedicated to rapid muscle gain, Ultra Mass XL offers an advanced nutritional formula. Each serving delivers:

  • 60g of Protein: A high dose of protein to support rapid muscle hypertrophy.
  • 1099 Calories: A huge caloric provision to facilitate quick bulking.
  • 204g of Carbohydrates: High carbohydrate content to ensure continuous energy supply and glycogen storage.

The high-calorie and protein-dense formulation of Ultra Mass XL is ideal for individuals aiming for accelerated muscle growth and are more experienced in bulking.

To further enhance your bulking diet alongside SCI-MX nutrition, consider incorporating additional protein and calorie sources.Lean meats like chicken, turkey, and beef provide high-quality protein while also offering essential nutrients for muscle growth.Incorporating healthy fats from sources like avocados, nuts, and olive oil can boost calorie intake without sacrificing nutritional value. Additionally, including complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, and quinoa ensures sustained energy levels for intense workouts.

Pairing these whole foods with SCI-MX gainers maximizes your muscle-building potential, creating a comprehensive bulking strategy for optimal results.

SCI-MX gainers are scientifically formulated to support your muscle-building efforts. Enhance your bulking strategy with SCI-MX gainers and achieve your muscle-building goals more efficiently.



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