about us

Sci-Mx has been fuelling workouts and fitness journeys since 2007. All of our products are developed by our in-house expert nutritionists to bring you the highest quality supplements, sports nutrition and performance products to support fitness and sports goals.


Trusted Experts

With over 16 years as a leading brand in the sports nutrition industry, Sci-Mx has established itself as paving the way in science based nutrition, with a team of trusted expert nutritionists overseeing all product development. Our team of experts research and develop every product from Whey and Plant based proteins, X-Plode Pre-Workout or our EAA's and Creatine to complement all types of training and performance goals - whether you’re a casual gym goer, weight lifter or athlete.

Nutrition for your goals

Performance Focused

Developed with different fitness goals and journeys in mind, our range of Sci-Mx products help to elevate your workout and performance by giving you the highest nutrition and supplement support to do so. Whether you’re looking for help with recovery after a long, tough hike or an energy boost for a gym session, our range of expertly formulated products bring you the highest quality nutrition to meet your needs. Shop between our performance based products, snacks and protein supplements.

High quality supplements

Affordable Prices

We are committed to providing top-quality sports nutrition supplements at competitive prices, ensuring accessibility to effective nutrition solutions for all fitness goals. Our comprehensive range of affordable products caters to diverse needs, whether it's muscle building, weight loss, or overall health and wellbeing. At the heart of our mission is the belief that everyone should have access to the tools necessary for their fitness journey, without breaking the bank. With our affordable sports nutrition options, achieving your fitness goals becomes both attainable and sustainable.