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SCI-MX International Women’s Day Event
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SCI-MX International Women’s Day Event

Step into the ring of empowerment with us as we celebrate how we spent International Women’s Day at Spartan Fitness & Performance Gym alongside the formidable female boxer Savannah Marshall, and a line-up of inspiring experts, including nutritionist Kate Withington, life coach Suzanne Griffiths, and racing driver Macie Hitter.

The day kicked off with an adrenaline-pumping boxing workout led by Savannah to get the attendees warmed up. Participants pushed their limits and embraced the International Women’s Day spirit of exceeding boundaries and striving for greatness. Punches were thrown, pulses raised, and competitive energy soared as everyone embarked on a journey of learning the foundations and skills of boxing.

The session started with learning the basics of boxing and doing some simple punching exercises. Savannah then introduced the attendants to some jab crosses and demonstrated ducking and weaving. The jam-packed session finished off with rounds of boxing drills, which really got the blood pumping.

After the workout, it was time to refuel and replenish with our delicious new Clear Whey Protein Isolate. These drinks provided the perfect post-workout pick-me-up to help participants recover and rebuild their muscles. Clear Whey Isolate offers a multitude of benefits for individuals striving to optimise their fitness and nutrition regimens. Produced from high-quality sources and ingredients, it provides a rich array of amino acids crucial for muscle maintenance and development. Its delicious fruity flavours were the ideal thirst quencher after a power-packed workout.

Next, attendees gathered with our esteemed panel of experts who shared invaluable insights and strategies for maintaining motivation, prioritising health, and embracing true potential. From personal anecdotes to practical advice, each expert offered a unique perspective on navigating the challenges of their wellbeing journey. You can watch the full panel interview here.

It was an inspirational day filled with women supporting each other and sharing their advice on how to drive forward your own self-growth.

Want to join us at our next event? Make sure you sign up here to be part of our 24KME club and receive updates on when our April event is. We’re championing everyone turning to health, fitness, and wellbeing. No matter what your goals are, whether you’re new to a fitness and nutrition journey or you’ve just lost progress across the last few months since the year started, we’re going to get you on track.

By signing up, all we ask from you is to bring yourself and a motivated mindset. Resilience is the hardest task in your fitness journey. We’re building a supportive community to keep you going and providing you with the materials and encouragement needed.



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