Lean Mass Protein

Protein isn’t just a supplement for those wishing to gain mass; for individuals in pursuit of weight loss, lean mass protein can be beneficial.

Protein helps muscles repair after exercise, meaning it’s a crucial supplement for anyone embarking on a training routine. With lean and diet protein products from SCI-MX, you can still achieve optimum nutrition without having to worry about problematic weight gain.

Discover Lean, Powerful Protein

Building muscle burns fat, and so frequent exercise alongside a healthy diet is the safe way to achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss.

When exercising to lose weight, it’s important to support muscles with high levels of protein intake, and so we have developed products in the SCI-MX range that are rich in quality protein but low in carbs and sugars to help you achieve your goals. You can receive essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins along with high levels of protein from a product range that includes powders, ready-made drinks, snacks and supplements.

Weight loss is often a common goal for those who go to the gym or are in training, and so taking supplements that will help you achieve maximum results without incurring maximum weight is important. If you want to improve your fitness and increase your strength without worrying about gaining fat, our lean protein products are the perfect choice. Lean mass protein powder will help you to maintain a protein intake whilst loosing weight.

Discover the best protein for lean muscle mass from SCI-MX

From delicious snacks such as cookies or flapjacks to ready-made formulas that pack a powerful protein punch, there’s plenty to discover in our SCI-MX range.

Our products are developed by experts using the latest scientific research and sports nutrition information to ensure our athletes get the best combination of taste and performance possible. Whether you want to lose weight, or are training in the off-season and want to maintain your BMI, these supplements make a smart choice.

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