Protein Drinks

Ready-formulated protein drinks are a great way to get a quick shot of powerful protein into your system.

To help muscles repair effectively and to support your training efforts, supplementing your protein intake with a shake or ready-made drink is essential. At SCI-MX, we have a number of delicious drinks packed with quality protein to deliver essential support to the muscles and support healthy post-workout repair and growth.

What are Protein Drinks?

Protein drinks are specially-formulated drinks that contain high levels of protein.

They are nutritional in nature and do not have any impact on your hormones. Rather, the protein content delivers essential amino acids to muscle cells, helping them to regenerate after a heavy physical workout. Different to products designed to aid bulking up (like mass gain supplements) or hormone stimulants (such as testosterone boosters), these drinks are the all-round essential work-out buddy, delivering higher levels of protein than could be obtained from food alone.

The benefits of Protein Drinks

In order to bulk up, slim down or otherwise achieve your training goals, it’s important to consume high levels of protein, otherwise your body won’t have adequate levels to effectively grow and repair your muscles.

Protein drinks are ready-made solutions that make it easy to increase your level of protein consumption without having to radically overhaul your diet. Our scientifically engineered drinks contain between 22g and 35g of protein, and come in convenient bottles ready for you to open and enjoy straight after a workout.

You don’t have to worry about any of the prep or clean-up involved with making your own shakes, and you can be sure that the protein you are receiving is of the highest quality, as our expert nutritionists ensure the protein sources in every drink are the best available. This is to help with rapid absorption into the body, helping you strengthen and repair your muscles after every race, lifting session, or any other activity.

Discover our Protein Drinks today

At SCI-MX, we have created a range of wholesome, delicious drinks that make it easy and convenient to get the protein you need on the go.

Save time and never compromise on taste or quality with our range that includes shakes that are perfect before or after a workout, for topping up protein levels in between meals, or getting that boost you need on the go. We have a 100% fat free recipe available, ideal for those looking to achieve weight loss through their workout efforts, our recipes are developed in delicious flavours like strawberry and chocolate.

Ready-made protein drinks are ideal for professional and recreational athletes, those training for high intensity events, gym enthusiasts, and indeed anyone looking to build muscle and improve fitness levels. These drinks can be stored in the fridge and easily consumed on the go, making them the perfect way to fit necessary protein intake into today’s busy life around a demanding training schedule.