Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, involved in more or less all of the biological processes that happen in the body. Browse our range of Amino Acid supplements below. We have a range of the best amino acid supplements for bodybuilding that will help you achieve your goals.

We all know what an important role protein plays in building and repairing muscle, and it’s the functions of these acids that make this possible. There are 21 amino acids in total, so by identifying and understanding the key amino acids for performance and strength, you can create a targeted nutrition plan that enhances your performance. 


Amino acids are the building-blocks of protein, each offering specific benefits, such as glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. SCI-MX® amino formulas have been scientifically designed according to research into strength, muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle metabolism. Our quality amino blends are a safe and powerful way to supplement your diet and support training results - and they’re ideal for stacking with weight gainers, muscle mass protein and protein shakes.

Amino acids can benefit you whether training for greater muscle mass or trimming down fat. The diversity of amino acids means that each product offers specific benefits – ranging from supporting the anabolic drive and boosting immunity, to enhancing recovery, stimulating muscle pumps and triggering muscle growth. Anyone looking to change their physique can benefit from research proven amino acids, such as glutamine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

In order to achieve optimum nutrition, adding in extra protein supplements that are rich in amino acids is therefore incredibly important. At SCI-MX, we have engineered a number of products including BCAA Tablets & BCAA Powders that contain essential and non-essential amino acids to help you supplement your diet and improve your physical training.


Which amino acids matter?

There is a wide range of amino acids involved in all kinds of biological processes - they are a key component in the repair and replenishment of tissues, muscles and bones. This means that having the best protein enriched with amino acids is important if you’re looking to have a big impact on your bodybuilding & training and fitness. Some essential amino acids include: 

  • BCAA - Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are one of the most fundamental amino acids for strength training. BCAA equals a combination of valine, leucine and isoleucine, and is a great way to build and maintain muscle tissue. BCAA’s are particularly effective when stacked with B vitamins. Products like our SCI-MX WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™ are high in BCAA amino acids. Learn more - What are BCAA's

  • L-Glutamine - Glutamine is an excellent source of energy, and the most abundantly manufactured protein in the body. Glutamine allows you to maintain endurance and effort whilst avoiding the transformation of hard earned muscle sources into energy. Our best-selling X-PLODE HARDCORE™ is high in both L-arginine and L-Glutamine to power up your workouts. Want to learn more about L-Glutamine? Get the facts on L-Glutamine.

  • L-Arginine - Arginine’s nitrogen retention properties cause it to relax blood vessels, promoting greater endurance and conditioning. It can also stimulate growth hormones and fat metabolism, making it an amazing all-round performance product, and one of our most popular supplements.

  • L-Carnitine - Carnitine has long been a staple product for bodybuilders and strength fans, as it is part fat metaboliser and part performance enhancer, giving you an all-round boost to your workout. It’s also been linked to improved athletic performance. Boost your L-Carnitine intake the easy way with delicious SCI-MX DIET PRO™ flapjacks.


Buy the best amino acid powder supplements from SCI MX

At SCI-MX, we know the clever use of amino acids leads to training success. Our dedicated research team develop carefully blended products with just the right nutritional balance, offering a range of high quality, amino acid capsules, powders and drinks that provide you with a wide range of  health benefits. 


Foods High in Amino Acids

If you are looking to complement your amino acid intake, foods high in Amino Acids include: spirulina, greens &  leafy greens, hemp seeds, chia seeds, soybeans, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, avocados, figs, raisins, quinoa & wheat.


What do Amino Acid Supplements Do for you?

Amino acids are building blocks of protein and as such a large proportion of our muscle tissue is made up of such acids which is used in important cell & body functions including growth and repair. Amino acids help to give cells in muscle tissue their structure.


What are Amino Acid Supplements For?

Amino acid supplements are taken to support muscle growth & repair during and after a workout.  Different acids will play different roles throughout any training / work out or weight management plan.


Do you need Amino Acids to Build Muscle?

Yes, Branched-chain (BCAAs) are a key nutrient required during muscle repair and growth. BCAAs inhibit the reduction of muscle protein allowing the muscle to grow after tearing new muscle / toning existing muscle. 


Best Amino Acids for Bodybuilding

To benefit the most from BCAA consumption it is worth looking at our range of powders & tablets which act as complete supplements required for bodybuilding support.