During intense bouts of exercise, small tears occur in the muscles.

Protein plays an essential role in the reparation of these tears, which is why sports nutritionists recommend having a high-protein shake or snack after a workout. At SCI-MX, we have specially formulated products that have been designed to increase rates of recovery to help your body strengthen and rejuvenate after trainings. By adding these products into your post-workout routine, you can improve your recovery times to feel stronger and fight fatigue.

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For many athletes involved in intense training, improving recovery times in between workouts is essential.

For this, we recommend OMNI MX LEAN, one of our leading post-workout drink mixes. Made with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, this product has been formulated to reduce fatigue and support muscle regrowth and repair. One of our best protein powder products to combat post-workout fatigue is OMNI MX ALL-IN-ONE MASS. Packed with a potent 54g of protein per serving, our flagship mass muscle gain complex can be taken 30 minutes following a workout to help combat fatigue. B vitamins help regulate hormone levels and assist with the production of energy in the body, which is why we ensure products in our recovery range contain high levels of ingredients like B6 and magnesium.

For anyone serious about bettering his or her performance when training, getting the right nutrition following a workout is vital. With the purpose-made recovery range from SCI-MX, it’s now fast and easy, too.

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When it comes to repairing your muscles and helping your body heal healthily following training, you can find the best protein supplement for your needs in the SCI-MX product range.

Trying to obtain the high levels of protein required to assist with muscle repair and growth is difficult through dietary sources alone, which is why adding our supplements into your post-training routine is the easy way to increase your intake. Our team utilises leading sports nutrition science when creating recipes to ensure that you receive everything you need to feel your best post-workout. Whether you want recovery whey isolate powder to add to your favourite drink or would prefer to simply unscrew the top and enjoy a ready-made shake, we have something to suit your needs in our selection.

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