About Us

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We Have One Mission

We have one mission – to help improve your physique, allowing you to be at your very best!SCI-MX is the brand of choice for savvier athletes, gym users & every day active individuals. With more personal trainers recommending our products than any other sports nutrition brand.

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Physique Development

Our product range caters for every aspect of physique development, conditioning through to maintenance of a healthy lifestyle; looking after your body from the inside out. Using cutting edge formulas and the latest proven ingredients to help pack on muscle, lose weight & keep hunger at bay we are confident our products will aid & improve your overall performance.

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Results Driven

We don’t fabricate our own science, dazzle you with outlandish claims, or make up elaborate names for basic ingredients. Our formulas are created by scientists in close co-operation with true training fanatics, because we understand that customers like you demand products that will make a real difference: to your training, your physique and your results.