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SCI-MX & Davide X-Plode Pre-Workout Launch Event
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SCI-MX & Davide X-Plode Pre-Workout Launch Event

Davide & SCI-MX: Your exclusive insight into the Official Launch Party 

X-plosive flavoured cocktails, a star-studded guestlist, luminous hula hoopers, panoramic views of London’s iconic city skyline, could you think of a more idyllic setting for the X-PLODE and Davide launch party?

To give the brand-new SCI-MX product the spotlight it deserved, the SCI-MX team decided to host a launch party filled with the British press and media, influencers, celebrities, sportsmen, TV personalities - the list goes on! Hiring the exciting venue of OXO Tower based in London’s South Bank, the evening consisted of entertainment, SCI-MX cocktails, product taste-testing and networking.

X-PLODE Pre-Workout is set to redefine the world of pre-workout and energy nutrition, offering a never-seen-before, ready-to-drink solution packed with the essential ingredients needed to elevate gym and sports performance, taking physical activity to new heights.

Davide and Ekin-Su were amongst the first to arrive at the event, walking down the red-carpet entrance which was being guarded by two life-size X-PLODE cans and a trio of stilt walkers dressed as glow-in-the-dark security. Reality stars from the likes of TOWIE, Love Island, Your Mum My Dad, Too Hot to Handle, Married at First Sight and Traitors made appearances to support the launch.

After posing for their entrance photos in front of the Davide and SCI-MX photo board, the cocktail wagon was a hit as stars congregated around it, eager to get their hands on their very own XPLODE cocktail.

Chef and cocktail professional Tony Ho, concocted two luscious cocktails which contained a syrup version of both flavours of X-PLODE, presented on a branded wagon seaming with colourful flowers. Each can of X-PLODE contains 200mg of caffeine and zero sugar. The mix of caffeine, citrulline malate and beta-alanine improves endurance, performance, and energy in workouts.

A lousy angle didn’t exist when the 360-booth camera made an entrance, eagerly awaiting to capture some of the stunning faces of the glamorous guests. Opposite sat a bar fully stocked with drinkable goodies, being overlooked by shelves filled to the brim with X-PLODE cans available to taste-test by the guestlist.

As the night progressed, a trio of hula hoop dancers performed a showstopping routine and the stilt walkers walked through the crowd on their way out. The stars showed off competing against each other on the punching machine. The dance battle machine also provided some laughter for the guests as their competitive sides showed.

Davide wasn’t allowed to party for too long as he had a schedule of interviews with the British press and media keen to learn more about his new partnership with SCI-MX.

Influencers and celebrities alike shared their eventful evening across their social channels, with the press and media releasing numerous articles the next day talking about Davide, his new partnership, and his ongoing romance with Love Island sidekick Ekin-Su.

SCI-MX’s X-PLODE pre-workout is available now it comes in two delicious flavours, Original and Atomic Passion, and a single can is priced at £2.29 for 330ml.

Unlike other energy drink competitors that rely on synthetic stimulants, X-PLODE ‘harnesses the energy-boosting properties of natural caffeine derived from guarana extract. This ensures users get a sustained source of energy without the dreaded crash that often follows high-sugar, synthetic energy drinks. X-PLODE offers long-lasting energy.’

The product, alongside the natural caffeine and Citrulline Malate, also features 2g of Beta-Alanine, 200mg of Taurine, 330mg of Green Tea Extract, 200mg of Panax Ginseng Extract and essential B Vitamins.



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