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Welcoming Our New Brand Ambassador, Savannah Marshall
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Welcoming Our New Brand Ambassador, Savannah Marshall

Here at SCI-MX, we are so excited to announce the appointment of Savannah Marshall as our newest brand ambassador. This collaboration marks a significant moment in bringing together the world of professional boxing and fitness empowerment.

Born in Hartlepool, Savannah was chosen as our brand ambassador due to her passion and dedication and challenging of traditional stereotypes. “Savannah is a perfect example of what SCI-MX stands for; a passion and dedication for fitness, pushing yourself to your limits and achieving your goals,” says James Williams, general manager, SCI-MX.

Savannah stands as a beacon of accomplishment in the realm of British Professional Boxing, boasting world championships in two weight classes. Her prowess in the ring, coupled with a humble demeanour, has earned her the endearing nickname, the 'Silent Assassin.' The label not only alludes to her shyness but also reflects her ability to deliver impressive knockout victories. Marshall is currently ranked as the world’s number two active female middleweight.

James continued: “She’s a natural fit, as she perfectly aligns with our brand values and identity. We believe that Savannah and her passion for fitness and challenging stereotypes will inspire individuals across the country, particularly women, to push their limits, stay healthy, focus on their goals and work at becoming the best they can be. We are delighted to welcome her to the SCI-MX family!”

Launching in January, the year-long partnership starts with product launches, in-person events, and digital activation across a multitude of channels such as social media, website and content channels.

Savannah commented on the partnership: “I am so excited to be SCI-MX's brand ambassador. I truly believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, both inside and outside of the ring. SCI-MX shares this commitment to excellence, making it the perfect fit for me.

“Keeping fit and fuelling your body correctly is hugely important to me and I believe is one of the key contributors to my success. The more you look after yourself, the more you can push yourself to your greatest potential.

“I am very excited to share how SCI-MX helps me push myself to my peak, and how I fuel properly both before and after a workout.”

As SCI-MX's Brand Ambassador, Savannah offers an intimate glimpse into her life, both inside and outside the boxing ring. Her passion for her career shines through as she endeavours to inspire the next generation of young female boxers. Marshall will share her nutrition and exercise routine across various channels, including SCI-MX’s and her own social platforms and the brand's blog.



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