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Unlock the Protein Revolution with SCI-MX's Latest Launch: The Protein Blondie
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Unlock the Protein Revolution with SCI-MX's Latest Launch: The Protein Blondie

Unlock the Protein Revolution with SCI-MX's Latest Launch: The Protein Blondie

Welcome, fitness enthusiasts, to a new era of guilt-free indulgence! SCI-MX, your trusted name in sports nutrition, is thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our powerhouse product lineup – the Protein Blondie. Building on the success of our best-selling Protein Brownie, this innovative creation is set to redefine your protein snacking game.

A Symphony of Taste and Nutrition

The Protein Blondie takes the classic brownie to unprecedented heights, boasting luscious white chocolate chips and a soft, gooey texture that delivers an authentic treat for your taste buds. Packed with a substantial 20g of protein per 65g serving, it's your delicious solution to effortlessly infusing protein into your daily routine.

Balanced Nutrition for a Balanced Lifestyle

What sets the Protein Blondie apart is its unwavering commitment to a balanced nutritional profile, meticulously formulated to adhere to the latest Government food guidelines. Fully HFSS compliant, each serving contains a mere 259 calories, 2.5g of saturates, and just 2.0g of sugar.

At SCI-MX, we believe in creating a protein-packed pre or post-workout snack that doesn't compromise on your macronutrient targets.

Parminder Singh, our new product developer, shares his excitement: "Crafting a product for fitness enthusiasts goes beyond meeting nutritional needs; it's about understanding their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Every ingredient is chosen with precision – backed by science, aligned with your nutritional goals, and a taste that speaks to your passion for wellness."

Where to Pick up your Protein-packed Snack

The Protein Blondie is now available for purchase in our shop and through select retailers, including Home Bargains and Amazon. With a recommended retail price of £1.49 per Blondie, you can also grab a box of 12 for an irresistible £14.99

This delectable addition to our innovative SCI-MX range follows the successful launch of our first canned pre-workout product, X-PLODE, last year.

Parminder hints at even more excitement on the horizon, stating, "We have exciting plans for further product launches only a few months away. This pace of new releases is to solidify SCI-MX’s status as a trailblazer in the protein product industry, and we hope our Blondie emerges as a standout snack."

Excitingly, the Protein Blondie has already seen impressive sales success within the retail space in its first week of launch. Parminder concludes, "We hope this snack will be the pick-up product in the protein revolution and seamlessly integrate into active lifestyles. Join us as we redefine protein snacking and make the Blondie your go-to companion on your wellness journey!"

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from SCI-MX as we continue to fuel your passion for health and fitness.



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