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SCI-MX December Launch Event
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SCI-MX December Launch Event

Our brand-new campaign, #24KME, kicked off with a bang last December, bringing together fitness fanatics, influencers, our brand champion, Davide and the inspirational Let's rewind and relive the action-packed launch event that set the stage for a year of transformation.

So, in case you missed it, what is 24KME? 24KME isn't just a campaign; it's an exclusive, totally free membership club dedicated to your health and fitness journey, whereby you will receive weekly newsletters packed with resources to propel you toward your goals as well as in-person exclusive event invites just like this one back in December! We've curated a one-stop hub for all things health and wellness.

As the event unfolded, the excitement began with a high-intensity HIIT class joined by the dynamic Davide. Sweat dripped, hearts raced, and energy levels soared as participants embarked on a fitness journey that promised to push boundaries and redefine limits. The room pulsated with the collective determination to conquer the challenges ahead.

As the heart rates settled post-HIIT, our #IAMSTRONG ambassador, Sophie Lee, took the stage to deliver a motivational speech that resonated with everyone present. Our ongoing IAMSTRONG campaign is all about the emotional and social impact of strength and resilience in people’s lives. We want to shine a spotlight on the stories of those who have faced tough times and come out stronger on the other side, showcasing the incredible power of inner strength and determination. Sharing her personal journey, Sophie inspired the crowd to embrace the #24KME spirit – a commitment to becoming the best version of themselves in 2024. Her words echoed the essence of the campaign: a transformative blend of physical and mental strength.

To elevate the launch, SCI-MX extended an invitation to some of Manchester's favourite influencers, including lifestyle blogger Millie Shields and foodie influencer Zack Hipps. The Zeno Health Centre in Ancoats played host to this exclusive morning event, where influencers were treated to an intense HIIT class, followed by a replenishing session with delicious high-protein SCI-MX shakes.

The morning was a holistic experience – a symphony of fitness, nutrition, and motivation. Participants not only sweated it out with a heart-pounding workout but also refuelled their bodies with delicious post workout shakes, packed with the goodness of high-quality protein from SCI-MX. The day reached its pinnacle with Sophie Lee's motivational speech, leaving everyone inspired and ready to embark on their #24KME journey.

And there you have it – the electrifying launch of SCI-MX's #24KME campaign. As we gear up for a year of transformation, remember that #24KME is more than just a hashtag; it's a commitment to becoming the best version of yourself. Join the club, embrace the lifestyle, and let's make 2024 the year of limitless possibilities. Here's to unlocking your full potential with SCI-MX! 




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