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Top Tips To Overcome Gym Anxiety
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Top Tips To Overcome Gym Anxiety

For many people, walking into a hectic gym and navigating the equipment can be overwhelming, intimidating and anxiety-triggering. Gym anxiety is a common feeling and can affect anyone, whether you are an avid gym-goer or have never stepped foot in a gym before.

Navigating and understanding the cause of gym anxiety is a crucial step in overcoming it. Gym anxiety can be complex and caused by many very personalised reasons. The most common triggers include being a beginner, attending a busy gym, finding the equipment difficult to use, and social judgment. This blog will address these issues and provide you with tips to eradicate gym anxiety.

Plan your workout beforehand

The fear of the unknown is one of the most prominent anxiety triggers people face when visiting a gym, and it can be an intense feeling at the forefront of your mind. Planning your workout ahead of time and laying out a step-by-step guide of what you would like to achieve in the session, can be an effective way to help reduce gym anxiety and assist you in feeling more confident walking into a gym.

Along with planning your workout routine before heading to the gym, ensuring your body is ready for exercise is super important. Pre-workout products, like SCI-MX’s X-PLODE, can help give you the boost you need to achieve maximum results.

Do your research

Some people may be unsure of what to expect when visiting a gym for the first time, from finding the correct changing rooms to knowing what times and days are quieter to visit. Knowledge is power; by researching the gym layout, facilities, equipment, time schedules, and classes before visiting or booking a tour, you can gain the knowledge that can help you overcome gym anxiety by eliminating any uncertainty.

Take a friend

Taking a friend alongside you to attend the gym can help overcome anxiety, reduce the sense of social judgement and empower you to feel more confident whilst working out. Attending the gym with someone who knows their way around can be particularly impactful, their knowledge can help reduce anxiety by providing you with guidance, support and reassurance.

Try out a group exercise class

Gym classes are an engaging and educational way to get involved with exercise in the gym. Exercise classes are hosted by qualified instructors and are aimed at gym goers of all levels. They allow people who have never stepped foot in a gym to feel comfortable in the environment and surround themselves with people with similar fitness levels, to avoid the anxiety of not being good enough.

Providing a safe space where people can develop their individual skills by following the instructor’s exercises can increase your confidence and encourage you to feel more comfortable and part of the gym community.

Zone out from other people

Many people, predominantly women, can feel like all eyes are on them while working out at the gym. Our research reveals that more than two in three (67%) women say they have gym anxiety, with 40% saying they felt this due to not wanting others to see what they are doing and how they are exercising.

Remember, most people in the gym are solely focused on their own workout. They most likely have not even seen you enter the gym; never mind, be engrossed in your workout and the redness of your face so much they stop and watch. Freeing yourself of the anxiety of others watching can make a visit to the gym a positive experience.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder in the UK, with around 60% of the population experiencing it at some point1. Exercise not only benefits your physical health and fitness but can also massively improve your mental health. By identifying the triggers, and learning coping mechanisms for gym anxiety, you can boost your confidence and eradicate the negative feelings. The gym is a safe space for everyone of all fitness levels to exercise freely, comfortably and without anxiety and should be enjoyed by all.



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