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Why Protein is More Than a Post-Workout Snack
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Why Protein is More Than a Post-Workout Snack

We’re delighted to be working with a panel of experts in the UK health, fitness, and wellness sector as part of our exclusive #24KME programme. Here, fitness specialist and online coach Harrison Dowling shares his thoughts on why protein is more than a post-workout snack.

In every gym around the country, you can see people chomping down on a protein bar or enjoying a protein shake straight after they finish a workout simply because they think they should or because it’s part of a routine they believe they must follow.

So why do we consume protein after a workout?

Don’t get me wrong, post-workout is a great time to get your protein in but let me tell you a little more about the benefits that your post-workout snack or shake can actually have on your body.

After a strenuous workout session, your body is tired; it needs help with recovering and rebuilding the muscles that you have just used during that workout. That’s precisely where protein comes in - not only does it help your tired muscles recover, but it also helps build new muscle mass. Protein is the muscle-building macronutrient. If you’re looking to change your body composition, then protein is an absolute must!

Recovery drinks and protein shakes are at their most effective and of the most benefit to the body in the 20-minute window following exercise - this is known as the ‘anabolic window’. The reason we want to aim to get our protein-rich snack or shake in at this point is that protein synthesis, your body’s process of building new muscle, and muscle glycogen uptake are most effective during this time. It makes sense to make the most of this opportunity, so we achieve optimum muscle growth, muscle building and energy intake.
Not only does protein help with the post-workout scenario, but if you consume more of it on a regular basis, you’ll also find that it helps to reduce hunger and cravings. If you’re someone who’s on a weight loss journey and can’t stop snacking, trying to factor more protein into your diet is always a winning formula. Also, by swapping your go-to snack for a high-protein alternative – such as SCI-MX’s Protein Blondie – you’re not only increasing your protein intake, but you’re also satisfying those sweet tooth cravings!

Remember, protein isn’t just something you add to your post-workout routine because it looks cool; it also has incredible benefits.



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