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SCI-MX Wake Up The Day With Davide Event
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SCI-MX Wake Up The Day With Davide Event

An X-PLOSIVE launch of our new pre-workout can with help from our brand champion and fitness friends

Our brand-new pre-workout product, X-PLODE, has made an apt entrance into the spotlight after our recent product launch event in London. Hosted at the IceTank venue nestled in Convent Garden.

X-PLODE, is a first for SCI-MX, as it releases its very first product in a can. X-PLODE is set to redefine the world of pre-workout and energy nutrition. It offers users a never-seen-before, ready-to-drink solution packed with the essential ingredients needed to elevate gym or sports performance, taking physical activity to new heights. 

To launch the product to the market, as well as to our customers old and new, SCI-MX decided to link up with its brand champion Davide Sanclimenti to recreate the famous early morning workouts once hosted by Mr Motivator. 

Davide has been chosen as the dazzling face of the brand due to his authenticity, mutual passion, and mission of offering the highest quality sports nutrition goods to help individuals meet their fitness goals. 

Aptly named, ‘Wake up the Day with Davide’ the event was created to buck the trend of dark mornings impacting Brit’s get up and go and bring together fitness enthusiasts in a group work out setting with a difference.

So, to get the morning started with a real buzz, the exclusive list of trending fitness influencers that were invited got handed an X-PLODE can of their choice before they got stuck into a fun, colourful and energetic work out. 

Davide stood at the front of the studio and conducted a thirty-minute workout. Pulses rised as Davide took them all through a fast-paced and energetic routine. The workout finished with a bang as confetti canons celebrated and created the perfect backdrop for a group picture, filled with accomplished grins. 

Post-workout sweat, the attendees were invited upstairs to browse the stocked-up showroom of SCI-MX products and invited to a meet and greet with both Davide and the brains behind SCI-MX’s new product Matt Durkin and Parminder Singh.

Both Matt and Parminder have extensive knowledge within nutrition, ingredients, food and drink science, and new product development and have both been the driving force behind the creation of X-PLODE. They were on hand to answer any questions that both the fitness influencers and any passers-by asked. 

Fitness influencer Paige Farrell continued to bring the energy post workout, challenging Davide to a plank-off. To Paige’s delight, she defeated Davide after demonstrating an abundance of core strength, humbling our brand champion. 

Paige chatted to us about the event and her valiant win: “As a dancer, we always do a plank to warm up and have been trained to never drop. I am a naturally competitive person so when I was going up against Davide, I knew I was not going to be the first to give up. It was such a fun experience though and a challenge. Of course, I was over the moon when I won!”

As the morning progressed, Davide joined by his beau Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, gathered in the IceTank kitchen and made a protein shake together, using SCI-MX’s Ultra Plant Hazelnut protein. This protein includes a staggering 33g of protein per serving, contributing to muscle growth and recovery, and was the perfect post workout treat for the couple. 

With the reinvigorated class satisfied with their morning sweat and enlightened by learning the science behind SCI-MX, they went on their way to embrace the rest of their day. For some, this meant continuing SCI-MX celebrations at the evening launch party. You can read all about the SCI-MX and Davide Launch Party here. 

SCI-MX’s X-PLODE pre-workout is available now it comes in two delicious flavours, Original and Atomic Passion, and a single can is priced at £2.29 for 330ml.



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